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Who are we?

Individually, we’re just 3 ordinary people, but together... we're still ordinary people – who push each other to achieve the extraordinary.

  • Divya Jain - Our product guy and CTO, or Chief Thinking Officer, the brains behind the product
  • Kompal Gaur - A Reebok Master Trainer and our CFO, or Chief Fitness Officer, the brawns behind the operation
  • Anurag Murali - Our hustler and COO, or Chief Operating Officer, the guy who brings everything together

What are we doing?

Fitness isn’t just about physical exercise. It’s about mental and emotional commitment. It’s about "smart energy management". Much more than simple weight loss, it’s really about being able to bring more vigor, enthusiasm and efficiency to the work place, the home, and obviously, to life.

Our mission is to bring this vigor and energy to the doorstep of over 50 million Indians. We’re doing this by providing Indians with easy access to high quality fitness coaching. Our aim is to simplify and democratise fitness in India, and eventually the world. Join our cause. Get liberated, get empowered, get vigored.

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Does India really need this?

Simply put – yes. India is drowning under a heavy flood of health problems. It is the third most obese nation in the world, housing a population of over 60 million diabetics. Let’s not forget that 1 in 3 adults suffer from high blood pressure. And this is just the start. The situation is only becoming worse. Diagnosis and medication can identify and manage these illnesses, but the real cure lies in the right nutrition and exercise... Unfortunately, existing solutions are high priced, inadequate and woefully misguided...

Get Vigored!