It's Not Just Fitness. It's Freedom.

With Vigor, take the first step towards fitness, towards freedom... from incompetent trainers, rigid schedules and all the barriers between you and your fittest self.

Use Vigor and get equipped with personalised fitness plans, specially designed for the Indian body. To guide you on this journey, we will assign a fitness coach to you. This dual approach to fitness is a virtual guarantee of success!

Backed by the expertise of a Reebok Master trainer and ACE Instructor, the closely guarded fitness secrets of the world’s top trainers are now at your fingertips.

How Will This Work?

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Fitness For You

This is your personal roadmap to fitness, adapted to your needs - lose fat, gain strength or get toned.

Uncertain of your time availability? Schedule workouts for 3, 4 or 5 days a week, our plans will adjust themselves. Unsure about your fitness level? We’ll identify it for you and provide you with the right plan.

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Fitness That Is
Fun & Flexible

Choice is a beautiful thing. Your workouts change based on location – prefer the gym, or love the outdoors? Too cold (or hot) outside – workout indoors.

We don’t discriminate, it’s not our style. There’s something for everyone.

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Personal Trainer In
Your Pocket

An intelligent, adaptive trainer that gives minute by minute guidance for your workouts. You’ll never need personal training again.

Worried about your posture? Check out our visual guides for each exercise, complete with the exact tips & tricks needed for a perfect posture.

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Take control of your fitness now!

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